My Big Flat Greek Vacation

Submitted by Dale Hubert


Stanley loved his trip to Greece.


He met some wonderful people.


Stanley got some help in competing at the Olympic Stadium at Delphi.
(Take a close look at the runner's left hand)

Even the rocks were interesting.  This piece of rock was full of fossilized shells.
It was carved into a piece of a temple at Olympia.

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!

He even went for a swim in the Aegean Sea.


At Meteora the monks built monasteries way up high in the mountains

"Hey," says Stanley, "don't blame me- this was ruined when I got here!"

There were some wonderful statues.  Do you know why the heads are missing?


Now tourists visit the Caldera, but 3500 years ago this volcano
off the Island of Santorini blew up and destroyed much of Mediterranean civilization.
Volcanic rocks washed up on the beaches of Egypt.




Flat Stanley enjoyed the sunset in Santorini