Benjamin Foth's Flat Stanley Trip

May 17, 2007

Today, Flat Franco and I Woke up from bed and Brushed our teeth. 
And then We got ready For school, And we got there (Just in
Time!). Then, after some math, It was Recess Time! At recess we 
played with my best friend Ryan, In a game where we had to use 
magic spells to disarm opponents (Winner: Flat Franco, 2nd place: 
Me, 3rd Place: Ryan). Then, the bell rang and recess was over. 
After 1 hour, It was lunch time and I shared half my chocolate 
chip cereal bar with Flat Franco (Though he demanded more.), Then 
we were dismissed for lunch recess. after lunch recess was over, 
we went back inside, and after half an hour, we went to music 
class, and did a fun drama activity and did a music word search. 
after music class it was time for afternoon recess, and Mr. 
Hubert was on yard duty!(I worship Mr. Hubert) after recess we 
did our planners, Here's what My class had to write in our 
planners: READ!

          Prepare flat stanley package for tuesday

Then we went to gym and played crabwalk soccer, then it was 
hometime. And I went to the afterschool program, and then my mom 
picked us up. when we got home, we played with Chippy (My  
Then, we watched Tom and Jerry on Tv, We laughed so hard! Later 
it was time to pack for our trip to Vancouver, I packed: 2  
Bionicles, 2 books, cereal bar, bandaids, Flat Franco, An air 
tank for Flat Franco, And (Of course) some clothes. And we leave 
          Ps. Do you like BIONICLE? 

Friday, May 18: 

Today we woke up (or more specifically, were woken up by  
mom), then we sat in the car and drove to London airport 
and we had to wait a little before we went on the plane, 
then finally all of us got on the plane and we had to endure 
3 and a half hours on a plane. Then we finally got to Calgary 
and from there we took a plane to Vancouver. But fortunately 
it was only 1 and a half hour long flight. 
After we picked up our suitcase we found my mom's boyfriend 
John and his friend and they drove us to the hotel. When we got 
to the hotel we unpacked and we went downstairs to the cafe 
where we had lunch (the food was really good). And in the 
afternoon a taxi picked us up and drove us to a party. And 
there were 2 kids there that we played videogames with 
and when the party was over, John's brother drove us back 
to the hotel. Then we brushed our teeth and went to bed. 

May 19

Today we woke up and had breakfast. And then we took the 
Skytrain to Science World and we had lots of fun there. 
And then we went to the gift shop there and bought 
a cool shiny rock. Then we went to McDonalds and had lunch there.   
Then we went back to the hotel and rested. And then we went 
to John's other brother's house and showed the 2 kids 3 videos on YouTube. 
One of them showed some cats listening to music, 
the other one was about bionicles and it had very good music, 
and the third one showed people throwing pies into each other's  
faces. And then we played some more video games. And when 
the party was over we went back to the hotel and fell asleep. 

Sunday, May 20: 

When we woke up we went to the Skytrain station (after breakfast) 
and then we went to the Stanley Park Aquarium and we saw 
lots of interesting stuff there, and Flat Franco's favourite exhibit 
was the amazon exhibit, we saw a tiny mouse and a crocodile, 
although Flat Franco was a little scared of the crocodile.    
And then we went to the gift shop and bought a souvenir. 
We spent 2 hours at a mall and took the train back to the hotel. 

Monday, May 21: 

Today we had to wake up early because we were going back to London. 
John's brother gave us a ride to the airport and we flew to Calgary. 
And when we got there we were sad to learn that the plane that was 
supposed to take us to London was struck by lightning and it couldn't 
make it to Calgary, so we had to spend 10 hours in the airport and 
while we were waiting for the next plane to arrive we ate a little. 

Tuesday, May 22: 

When our plane arrived, we spent 3 hours on the plane and when we 
arrived in London it was 6:00 am and we went to bed. After we woke up 
we went to Wal-Mart and bought some stuff.
When we got back home, we watched Harry potter and the Philosopher's 
Stone. After it ended, we went to bed.