On Saturday, February 26th 2005, I, along with: Mr. Stanley, Mam Isabella, and my team, namely: Eunike, Betsy, Cynthia, Natalia, Lettyzia, Silvia, Clairine, Masyogo, and Fandy would make BATIK JUMPUTAN / IKAT.

1. THE TOOLS, are:

  • Plastic gloves

  • Two 40 diameter pan

  • Plastic basin

  • Wood spatula

  • Cloth pin

  • Chain rubber

  • Marbles/ table tennis balls/ battery

  • Scissors

  • Cotton cloth



  • A litre of water

  • Kustik

  • Asbo

  • Salt batik


The process to make cloth craft is :

After all of tools and the materials are ready, we straightly draw the pattern on the cloth that is prepared (the pattern can be drawn as we like), next, wrap the marbles/ table tennis balls/ battery in a piece of cloth and tie with the rubber until all the pattern is filled by the marbles/ table tennis balls/ battery.



On the other side, we boil a litre of water. After boiling first of all, we put kustik into it and stir it. After kustik is mixed well with water, put asbo into it, stir again well until it changes yellow. After that turn of the stove.

When everything is ready, get two litres of cool water, then put some batik salt into it and stir it well. The patterned cloth is soaked in water about 30 minutes, then press it. Put the soaked and pressed cloth into the first pan and stir it well. Take it out and press it again and put it into the second pan. Stir it well again and press it (when necessary, we can repeat it for three times). Rinse it in clean water for three times, then dry the cloth. After it gets dry, we untie it. When it gets released, iron the cloth in order to get smooth and neat.


Created by :

Yessica. C

Grade 6th of Petra 13 Christian Elementary School

Sidoarjo - Indonesia