My name is Bella. I am student in fifth year at SDIT Istiqamah, Balikpapan East Kalimantan. Today I and my classmates meet a new friend, Flat Shidiq. We are go to Protected Forest of Wain River (Hutan Lindung Sungai Wain - HLSW). We go by bus as far as 15 km of school.


Until there we see accumulating basin of drinking water of Pertamina-the National Oil Company at Balikpapan. HLSW used take care of clean water for factory and housing of Pertamina.


After enter, it's ferry closed forest! It's still virgin. Broadness 10.025 Ha. HLSW have thousands of plant type and animal. These plants are ulin wood, bangkirai wood, meranti wood and others. Those plants are typical plants of Kalimantan.

These animals are owa-owa, honey bear, orang utan, and others. These animal are including animal protected. In order not to be totally disappeared. In HLSW also as place release of orang utan, which have been looked after human being and become tamely. So that, this orang utan become wild return. And, this honey bear made town mascot of Balikpapan.