A Day With Flat Stanley In Baghdad, Iraq

This is SGT Chester and Stanley out front of the building early in the morning. 
Este es SGT Chester y Stanley enfrente de la oficina temprano por la manana. 
Estos son Chester y Stanley en la espalda de mi humvee. 
This is Chester and Stanley in the back of a humvee.
This is the two buddies in line at the chow hall, we were about to introduce Stanley to fine dining, military style.
Estos es los dos amigos en linea a la cocina, nos vamos a presentar Stanley a multe cenar, estilo militar.
Stanley had about all he could handle with that apple, he was so full, we had to carry him out. 
Stanley comida mucho.  Demasiado mucho.  Tuvo que llaverlo al humvee.
By the end of the day, Stanley was so tired, SGT Chester had to carry him in his pocket back to his envelope where he slept.  He'll be going back to the states to get ready for his next adventure. 
Al fin del dia, Stanley esta mucho cansado, tuvimos a llevar apoye a el sobre.  El estara yendo a estados unidos a preparar por el proximo adventura. 

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