Flat Stanley with Acoustic Eidolon
Here is a picture of Flat Stanley with Acoustic Eidolon.  They are a music duo.  We are doing a Flat Stanley project with another school.  The two schools will be joining in a new school next year, and we thought this would be a way for the two schools of students in our PK/K classes to have an opportunity to get together before they are in the same building next year.  We are trying to get Stanley as many places as possible. 
I went to an Acoustic Eidolon concert last weekened in Houston, TX.  I took Flat Stanley with me.
Joe Scott and Hannah Alkire have been together as Acousic Eidolon for about 9 years.  Joe Scott was part of two more well known groups (The New Christy Minstrels and Wind Machine), and Hannah did studio work prior to this.  They have a website and you can find out more about them at that site.  www.acousticeidolon.com  They go into schools and work with  students in addition to performing their concerts. 
We are doing a Flat Stanley project with another school.  There are 9 classes involved with the project.  We will have a celebration where the PreKindergarten and Kindergarten students from both schools get together for a Flat Stanley day.  We are trying to get Flat Stanley to as many places as possible before school is out this year.  Our classes are jounaling with the classes from the other school.  At the beginning of next year our two schools are being combined into one school.  We thought this was a good way to get the students acquainted with each other before next year. 
Thank you,
Nikki Deaver
After receiving the above note, Dale Hubert, Creator of the Flat Stanley Project, saw a flier that announced Acoustic Eidolon was going to be playing in his hometown of London, Ontario, so went to see them.

What an amazing pair of musicians!

And they kindly agreed to pose with another Flat Stanley.