A Trip to Kampung Naga
   Hello friends…
Anita, Chintya, Devi, Febe, and Maria are studying in class seven at SMP BPK Penabur Tasikmalaya will be going for a trip with Flatstenley. On the Saturday we are going for recreation at a village that called Kampung Naga.
Before going to Kampung Naga, Flatstenley lives at febe’s home. We promise that we will meet at 08.00 am at the school. We are ready at 08.00 am but, Flatstenley and Febe are not coming yet. Then we are going to Febe’s home and invite them. Febe is ready but Flatstenley is still sleeping. We then together wake him up. Lastly he wakes up and very quickly we leaving for the trip.
Before we go to Kampung Naga we drop in the school. We take some pictures in front of the school with Flatstenley and our teachers. After all, we continue our trip. When we arrive at Kampung Naga, we go down stairs to Kampung Naga.
At the village we take some pictures at some places fortunately, still have some places, which are very sacred, and we cannot take pictures at there. The culture at Kampung Naga is very unique.
Moreover the villagers are very friendly. We talk about the culture with the villages. Actually they are made lots of handcrafts and get all the matters from the jungle. They sell all the handcrafts to the tourism who are coming to their village.
After finish the trip we must climb up the stairs to go back at the car park. Flatstenly looks very tired and we are feeling the same way too. Fortunately Anita brings some foods and drinkers. We enjoy the foods in the car on our way home.
Whoever going to the Kampung Naga, they will be mesmerize and satisfied to see the unique culture of that village. Exactly they will get lot of know ledges that is very useful in the daily life.



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