The Original Flat Stanley Project

“Kids- if YOU keep your sense of humor, and reach out to other kids in ALL the world, and get them to reach out to you in their own way, there may be a human race here in another 100 years!”

- Pete Seeger, written to Dale Hubert on the back of his Flat Stanley
Copyright © 1995 - 2013 by Dale Hubert
All Rights reserved 

Flat Sarah from California visited
Dale Hubert in Ontario, 2014
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Created way back in 1995 by Dale Hubert, M. Ed.

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From Jeff Brown From Jackie Chan Curriculum Flat Stacie
Also by Dale Hubert
FLAT STANLEY® is a registered trademark of the Trust u/w/o Richard C. Brown f/b/o Duncan Brown.
Also by Dale Hubert
Say Some More app Core Learning Basics app Tale of the Third Bear
Buck Inst for Ed Project Based Learning Podcast Alaskan Adventure 2014
Antarctica visit 2014 Flat Stanley in Antarctica Flat Stanley visits Antarctica
Visiting a Castle - Flatman of the Guard Narrowboating in Scotland A Scottish police officer
President Obama has been a great supporter of the Flat Stanley Project At the Pyramids in Egypt Flat Stanley and the Riddle of the Sphinx
The Egyptian Museum Egyptian Kids Amethyst rock in Nunavut, Canada
Traditional Inuit heater and light Ancient Inuit soapstone box Inuit kayak in Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut
Musician Christine Lavin Singer and songwriter Tom Paxton Snowdonia
Jessica and Eric - Flat Stanley helped Eric propose! Dale Hubert, creator of the Flat Stanley Project with a red-tail hawk Catherine Ellis, TV reporter and celebrity
In the Aegean Sea Colin Powell In Afghanistan
Regis and Flat Stanley Bill Clinton and Flat Stanley On tour in Baghdad
Baghdad Noah Wyle With Ali and the ancient step pyramid
Careful! Toad crossing in Wales Flat Stanley and Clay On the top of Mount Everest!
American Idol Buzz Aldrin and Flat Stanley Bill Nye studying the science of flatness
Governor Schwarzenneger Scuba Stanley Clint Eastwood
First Lady of Arkansas, Ginger Beebe, a valued Flat Stanley supporter The Governor wants to pump him up! Musician and all-round great person, David Bradstreet
This is how deep the water was in the great flood of 1937 in London, Ontario
Special Pictures
Special Pictures
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